Dance with Heart Beat Silent Soundsystems

Be you visiting or living in Portland, this dance welcome all.

Heart Beat Silent Soundsystems is a one-of-a-kind community dance project – the only dance production of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

In technical terms, Heart Beat Silent Soundsystems uses high-powered transmitters to broadcast music to an inter-connected network of wireless headphones. This keeps party noise constrained to headphones, and means only those plugged in have to handle the noise.

In less technical terms, Heart Beat Silent Soundsystems is a wacky dance party that to outsiders is accomplished in complete silence. Dancers with the company’s headphones, meanwhile, are getting their moves on to great music. State of the art 3-channel headphones broadcast music to a range of 1,500 meters in every direction. And these pop-up dance parties are held in Portland parks and random venues.

You’d almost have to see it to believe it – groups of happy people with colored, LED-lit headphones dancing madly in a park or venue to music no one else can hear. As someone who’s been in the middle of one of these dances, I can promise that it’s as ridiculous and fun as it sounds.

Music is provided by Takimba, DJ of these events, and also of "The Melting Pot Radio Show" that broadcasts out of KBOO FM at 97.1. His music range is eclectic, and dancers can expect to hear a blend of everything from downtempo and hip hop, to zany electronica selections.

The best way to find when and where the next dance will be hosted, join the group’s official Facebook page via the Learn More button. Dances cost $10 for headphone rentals, run about 3 hours, and require an ID. All ages are welcome. No dance experience is necessary.

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Rick reynolds 96dpi


9 months ago

I was totally baffled when I first heard about this, but it's a great idea now that I think about it -- a dance party that can go anywhere and folks can turn up the volume as much (or little) as they want!

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