Women in Stone

Sat May 13 @ 10:00am to Wed May 31 @ 05:00pm

Last year we took a trip to Ireland. The first day, while my wife was at work, I went to one of my all-time favorite museums, the National Gallery only to find HUGE storm damage had closed all but two galleries.

Sean Scully was having a small show in the rotating gallery space they had set up. I had seen his work off and on over the years but never thought much of it. This time I had a viseral reaction to it. Perhaps because a few people had commented that my work reminded them of his. I disliked it on many levels: dead colors, sameness of mark, quaility of the paint.

I walked through 5 times making sure I was not just in a bad mood but the looks on the guards faces told me they agreed. One of the guards ask if I had seen his photographs in the last gallery. I said no, so he took me in to the end gallery and showed me where Scully got his insperation for the paintings. The stacked stone informed his work and unlike his paintings, they inspired me also.

He had done of the rock fences and walls on Aran Island. These were the begingings of his paintings and they impressed me.

The idea of photos inspiring work made me think. I had one of my good cameras with me so away we went.

We left the east and drove up to Sligo for a few days, then down to Glin on the Shannon River. I took pictures of wall, fences, burial mounds, sea walls, and just about anything made of rocks all along the way.

I really had little idea of what I was going to do with them, if anything.

Then, on a day trip to Limerick, I saw a wall made of white rock with a brick patch where a car had damaged the wall.

The shape and color reminded me of a figure. When I got home I went through some of my recent files and found photos of models and began inserting them in to the rock photos.

The result pleased me so I hired models and finished the series.

I hope you enjoy them.

All work is in an edition of 25 and can be printed and signed at your pleasure. They also can be resized, just let me know the dimensions you wish. They come unmounted but can be mounted at the printer if you wish.

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