Sunday Afternoon Delight Beer Tour

If the front of the fun of action is where you want to be, then this tour is for you! Portland's beer culture is both unique and vast; we tap into that energy on this tour by bringing you the true brewery experience!

We begin sampling in the first Zoiglhaus this side of Bavaria! Zoigl style beer has been brewed since the Middle Ages and celebrates the sharing of beer in the community-- a perfect mantra for a BREWVANA visit. While sampling Zoiglhaus' great German style beers, your tour guide will also walk you through an introduction to our tasting 101 course.

Our next stop on the tour will be the brand-spankin' new BTU Brasserie, the first combined brewery & Chinese restaurant in U.S existence. Here we will enjoy a few of their beers (including their traditional rice lager) paired with appetizers and a round of beer trivia. A pairing made in beer heaven.

Our last, but certainly not least stop on the tour will be Culmination for a tour of their brewing facility slash recording studio (whhhat?!). And to top it off, more beer is coming your way! Get excited! We know we are.

Our tours are all inclusive. They include more than enough fresh, delicious beer, appetizers (enough to take the edge off, but not too much to inhibit beer consumption), transportation on our epic beer-loving short bus, beer journal and tasting guide complete with BREWVANA pen, pilsner glass, postcard, pretzel necklace (for palate-cleansing between beers), and a safe & fun tour guide!

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6 years ago

Sounds like a blast, Ariel and Brewvana team--thanks for posting!

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