Larwood Covered Bridge and Park

It's an oddly quaint and simple place to end up as a world-famous destination, but Larwood Covered Bridge earns its spot on the map.

The stately 105-foot bridge with partially exposed trusses, white-washed interior and rounded portals is nestled three miles north of Lacomb, next to Larwood Wayside Park. The Larwood Bridge was built in 1939 and spans Crabtree Creek, which is part of the site's attraction - it's the only place where a river (Roaring River in this case) flows into a creek. It's an oddity in U. S. geography that's earned it a spot on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”

But aside from being unusual, the waters also serve as a very popular swimming hole in the summer. And the six-acre park's picnic tables at the wayside attract families and visitors. During winter months, with the views of the streams crashing together, the park offers a different appeal, and the bridge is well-used as a romantic spot for couples to pause by.

Larwood Covered Bridge and the nearby Wayside Park are small places, but the peaceful scenery and geographic oddities make them worth the side trip.

Located at 42000 Fish Hatchery Dr. in Scio, Oregon, at the corner of Fish Hatchery Dr. and Larwood.

Check out a lot of other wonderful bridges in the area with this free self-guided tour:

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8 years ago

The covered bridge and park are definitely places we plan to visit. Thanks for posting, Nastacia!

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