LaPine State Park

Enjoy miles of snowdrifts in LaPine State Park, a pristine natural area perched at a 4,200 foot elevation.

The park is a stellar spot for a winter getaway. It’s located near the slopes of the Cascade Range, settled in a curve of the Deschutes River, just 27 miles south of Bend. As soon as snow season hits, the forest is transformed into a winter landscape, complete with mirror-flat rivers and ungroomed woodland trails.

Deep snows also mean deep quiet. While cross-country skiers and snowshoe aficionados wander the nearby slopes, the thick pad of snow muffles all sound. Overnight cabins – including some glammed-out luxury cabins – over cozy camping respites. Two of them are pet-friendly (at extra cost) and several are accessible to visitors with disabilities. It’s first-come-first-serve through April 2016, but RV and parking spots are also available.

If it’s quiet in the hills you’re searching for, it doesn’t get better than this. Not to mention, the park is a perfect spot for winter animal spotting. Deer, coyote, elk, beavers and waterfowl are all out-and-about, and the nearby Fall River is packed with trout. And the flora offers its own appeal, with hills thick with cedar and pine, including Big Red, Oregon’s largest Ponderosa Pine, standing at 162 feet.

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8 years ago

Sounds like a wonderful getaway, Nastacia. I feel more relaxed just reading your lovely description of the setting! :)

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