Tartberry: The Happiest Place In Portland

Imagine a place where all your worries melt away. A place where you can gather with your family and friends. A place filled with humor and inspiration.

That place is Tartberry, Inc. (there are two locations - 915 SW 9th Ave. by Director Park, and 536 SW College St., by Portland State University). It's more than just a place to enjoy some delicious self-serve frozen yogurt. It's an uplifting environment that is as unique as it is quirky. The eclectic décor and warm, professional staff help to make Tartberry a very welcoming and memorable experience.

And the froyo? There are more than a dozen flavors on tap at any time, including low-sugar and dairy-free options. Tartberry keeps tried and true flavors on hand, as well as the most exciting, cutting-edge selections. There are dozens of toppings to customize your fro-creation, including candies, cereals, boba (tapioca pearls soaked in juice), fruits and dessert sauces. Want to shake it up a bit with some spices? Go for it - it's your froyo to do with as you please!

Tartberry, Inc. is a fantastic outing to pair with a theatrical performance at Portland'5 Centers For The Arts, a movie at the Fox Tower Regal Cinema, a trip to Portland Art Museum or Oregon Historical Society, an event at Director Park or a meal at a downtown Portland restaurant.

How to Tartberry - follow the footprints to the treasure; if desired, accept some sample cups from a Tartberry host; create your masterpiece; if you prefer, enjoy some coffee, hot cider, cocoa or a smoothie instead; leave a fun message for those who will follow you in this adventure, and use a magnet to attach it to the wall; if you are happy when you are done, ring the bell by the door as you leave.

You'll be back!


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8 years ago

Sounds like so much fun, Merlin--thanks for posting! Krista is crazy about frozen yogurt, so I will have to get her over there soon.

Love it that they have so many awesome fresh toppings like fruit, as well as smoothies, too!

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