Ride the Eagle Cap Excursion Train through the Wallowas

Slow down and enjoy the romance of train travel with the Eagle Cap Excursion Train, a one-of-a-kind rail trip through the scenic land of the Wallowa Mountains, named one of Oregon's 7 Wonders. The train rolls along a portion of the historic Joseph Branch rail line in Northeast Oregon, the tracks of which were laid beginning in the early 1900s.

The train departs from the Elgin Depot, built in 2013 to resemble the original structure, and then winds into untamed country. Train guests can appreciate views of the Grande Ronde and Wallowa Rivers, surrounded by rugged cliffs and towering forested ridges. And since much of the railroad stretches through road-less terrain, train riders get exclusive views of the dramatic canyons.

It’s not all about the views, however. Expect to be served delicious fare during the ride, included as part of the adventure, and to be given a brief dusting of the area’s history. The Eagle Cap Excursion Train company also offers a series of themed train rides, such as fall photo runs, staged robbery experiences, wine and cheese trains, and many more. There's no cell service, and the train cars are carefully restored pieces, so it's a great way to slow down and savor a little history.

Prices vary, so click the Learn More button to visit the official Eagle Cap Excursion Train site. Trips are seasonally limited and the May Mother’s Day Brunch traditionally opens the travel season. Reservations are advised.

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8 years ago

I've heard these trips though spectacular scenery are amazing. Thanks for posting, Nastacia!

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