Wetlands Conservancy Tours

Did you know that Oregon has wetlands in every corner of the state, even the dry, arid parts? It’s true. And we have everything from coastal salt marshes to wet prairies and even something called spruce swamps.

These areas are fragile ecosystems that are among the most biologically productive in the state. Not to mention they’re incredibly species-rich, with amphibians, birds, insects and mammals. You can check some of them out by joining the Wetlands Conservancy on their wetlands tours. Here are some of this year’s offerings:

A Weekend at Westwind: February 26-28th 2016: Camp Westwind, a 529-acre camp, closed to the public and with miles of unspoiled beaches. Sign up for a weekend of guided interpretive walks, activities and on-your-own exploring time. Learn more: https://www.shareoregon.com/en/listings/124886-a-weekend-at-camp-westwind

Urban Wetland Exploration Tour: March 12th, 2016: A 4-hour exploration of Tualatin wetlands, with a mix of activities from learning to identify frog and salamander egg masses, to visiting a great blue heron rookery.

Lakes, Wetlands and Kelley Point Park by Bike: May 22nd, 2016: Say hello to beavers, herons, river otters and more on this bike tour by Smith and Bybee Lakes, the largest urban wetland in the U.S.

For a full list of offerings, tour details and booking info, check out the Wetlands Conservancy’s tour webpage at: http://bit.ly/1SKRv8S

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