Kayak Across Sturgeon Lake on Sauvie Island

Sauvie Island is a Portland gem that often goes unnoticed until pumpkin patch and corn maze season, but it has a year-round natural allure all its own. The Island is the nation's largest fluvial island, making it a perfect place to bring your kayak and paddle for a little water adventure. A great place to start is Sturgeon Lake, the largest lake on the island.

This is a marvelous place for a day trip, especially if you’re a paddler who loves wildlife. An enormous population of bird species call Sauvie Island home, and you can expect to see many on the shores of Sturgeon Lake – perhaps all 200 if you’re a very lucky birder! Waterfowl, bald and golden eagles, osprey and great blue herons are easy to spot, and a beaver or two may say hello while you make your rounds.

The lake has a single dock, and is mostly peaceful, although motor boats are allowed if they obey the 5-10 mph speed limit. A day-use parking pass is required, and those can be obtained at any of Sauvie Island store. Be sure to pick up a lake map and talk to a local before heading out, just to be sure you catch all the best sights.

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7 years ago

We love Sauvie Island! Sturgeon Lake and all it's wildlife are wonderful, as are hanging out on the Island's beautiful beaches after a day of adventures. :)

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