Elephant Lands at the Oregon Zoo

At the new Elephant Lands at the Oregon Zoo, visitors can get a chance to explore a six-acre habitat of forest, sand, mud and water that was designed with elephant needs in mind. While viewers can easily observe these amazing creatures, the elephants themselves can maintain the natural matriarchal structure of the herd, and engage in behaviors as similar as possible to their lives in the wild.

The elephants can explore the five regions of Elephant Lands, as well as “forest hall” (a great place for humans to view the pachyderms). Elephant Lands is equipped with state-of-the-art heating and ventilation to keep the herd comfortable, and food is provided in a way that allows the elephants to forage as they would in the wild. There is a 160,000 gallon pool with enough water for the entire herd to be fully submerged, should they wish it.

Families – the human kind, that is – can participate in activities that are enriching and educational for all ages – and learn about these fascinating animals. While you are visiting Elephant Lands, ask about ways to preserve Elephant species.

Admission to the Oregon Zoo: Members: Free; Adults (12–64): $11.50; Seniors (65 and up): $10; Children (3–11): $8.50; 2 and under: Free.

Learn more by clicking the button or via the video below.


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8 years ago

Wonderful--for us and the elephants! Thanks for this great update about our terrific Oregon Zoo, Merlin.

We love the Zoo's summer concerts, too, which is another great way to visit the animals and enjoy the tunes at the same time. :)


8 years ago

Great review!

It's been fun to see the elephants swimming in that pool – even on cold days, they love swimming!


8 years ago

Terrific to hear, Krista--can't wait to get up there and see the elephants enjoying life in their expansive new digs! :)

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