Spellbound Flowers: Pioneer Courthouse Square

Spellbound Flowers Owner and Designer extraordinaire Nico Bella believes that relationships are important. That’s why she finds only the most exquisite flowers for her stand, which is conveniently located next to Starbucks in Portland’s Living Room, Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Whether you are downtown exploring, working, dining, shopping or playing, it's (almost too) easy to swing by and pick out a perfect gift for someone you love. Spellbound is bountiful every season of the year. Need a single stem? A simple neatly tied bouquet? An elaborate bridal arrangement or a even a flower crown? Nico Bella has got you covered. She only selects flowers that are fresh, fierce and fabulous (from local markets).

Seriously, these blooms are amazing! It’s hard to know how she does it, but the varieties of flowers are astoundingly diverse and unique. Love orange and red on one bloom, like a sunset? Curious about purple roses? Always love to see those roses that are all crinkly on the edges? She's got it all.

The recipient of your heartfelt gift is sure to be bowled over! Spellbound Flowers is "The Rose Capitol of The Rose City." Call 971-533-7233 to ask about delivery (or go online)!

Also, ask about upcoming classes and design labs (like making your own flower crown!). Hours: Monday: 12:00 - 6:30 pm Tuesday - Friday: 10:30 - 6:30 pm Saturday: 12:00 - 8:00 pm Sunday: Call for hours

Phone or check twitter for hours during unruly weather! Pricing is based on what the customer orders, usually ranging from $1.00 - $2.00 per stem. http://spellboundflowers.com

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8 years ago

Gorgeous! Interesting that they have classes, too.


6 years ago

I worked Valentines Day for Nico Bella the owner of SPELLBOUND and Her Mother and still to this day She Refuses to Pay for my hard work.. she owes me $150 and ive reached out to her countless times over and over again.

Its just frustrating and sad at this point

I've worked in the flower industry for over 10 years and have never had such an experience with any Flower ppl.. Generally us flower ppl want to participate in a loving world far from a world of trump.. One where all ppl are appriciated for there contributions.

Hopefuly one day the vision for spellbound will help livin ppls spirits from all directions

If you ever find it in your valentines day heart to pay me back for the many hours of Valentine's day rose preping (dethorning 1000's of roses)

Venmo : @mikeysmiles

Paypal. : kellermeier86@gmail.com

Or the Chase bank link / or mailing address i sent you the last few years


6 years ago

So sorry to hear, Mikey! Good luck


6 years ago

Mikey has been paid in full ( I have the receipts) and refuses to clean up his trail of internet slander.

All the "flower people" talk can't cover up a mentally unstable person having an episode.

We are a small company and I will not deny having made some missteps in the hiring/ payroll arena.

I will not however be held hostage by a man's hysteria and slander, especially when his malice is thinly guised with feel good platitudes and political pandering.


6 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Nico, and sorry for the trouble! I've only otherwise heard great things about y'all.

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