Unwind at Ritter Hot Springs

For a place that’s over 100 years old, Ritter Hot Springs has everything you might want from a cute little hot spring location. Located in Grant County, the springs’ hospitality includes a hotel and a general store-turned administrative building. As one of the only places open to the public along the lonely stretch of the Middle Fork of the John Day River, it’s both a community hub and a beloved spot for hot spring seekers.

The natural hot springs themselves are located close to the accommodations, just across a small suspension bridge. There are four private bathtubs – made from cinderblocks painted blue and red – near the springs that can be filled with the 106 degree water. They’re open to the sky, but otherwise offer a private soaking experience. And the same water that feeds the springs is also pumped into the Ritter Hot Springs hotel pool.

The springs are open between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and a caretaker stays at the hotel to mind the place all summer. Rooms are often booked out in advance, but RV camping is also available, as is a 3-person cabin rental. As the community is primarily Seventh-day Adventist, the hotel pool is closed Friday evening through Saturday in observance of the Sabbath.

Visitors can use the hot springs for $3.00 and the pool and hot springs for $5.00. Accommodation costs vary, so click the button to check out the Ritter Hot Springs website for specifics and to confirm availability.

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8 years ago

Sounds like a great place to rejuvenate, Nastacia. Thanks for posting this quaint Oregon hot springs in a quieter part of the state!

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