Learn the Basics of Industrial Sewing at ADX in Portland


The first part of this class is designed specifically to acquaint you with operating ADX's ConSew 206RB industrial sewing machine safely and effectively. Learn the ins & outs of operating our well-made and robust industrial walking-foot machine, an older model with a handful of counter-intuitive safety concerns that will be addressed in class. Learn how to properly thread the machine, how to measure out and cut fabric using a simple pattern, and how to sew a straight stitch through multiple layers of canvas using a walking foot. In the second part of this class, get to know different areas of The Cube while you sew, screenprint the ADX logo, and sew cotton webbing for straps onto a canvas bag. Finish this class with the confidence you need to incorporate sewn elements into your otherwise textile-less projects AND you have your very own personalized canvas bag with which to casually impress your friends. A win-win!


ConSew 206RB Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine

fabric scissors

measuring tools

Marking impliments (pencils, chalk)

Sewing needles and pins

Iron and ironing board

Screenprinting equipment (including prepped screen and press)


Safe operation of a ConSew 206RB

Measuring and marking a pattern

Proper fabric cutting techniques

Straight stitch using a walking foot

Add grommets to canvas

Screenprint a design


Fabric for practicing initial stitches

Canvas for shop apron

Rope, cording and leather strips for ties


Ink for screenprinting



Ellie Lum is an accomplished business owner and artist who loves making just about anything and teaching people how to create whatever their heart desires. Ellie’s passion lies in the intersection of education, art and environmental justice. As a business owner of over 15 years in a craftsman-based business, R.E. Load Bags, she has honed her skills as a leader and teacher instructing those who worked with her how to master the craft of industrial sewing. For the past few years she’s been teaching sewing & organic gardening through her DIY Workshop and handmade goods brand, Klum House. If you are looking to deepen your sewing knowledge, Ellie offers sewing instruction as a private lesson or in groups. You can find her class calendar at Klumhouse.com


Some experience with a home sewing machine is strongly recommended. Instructor will assume students have some working knowledge of sewing vocabulary and concepts. Interested in using the industrial sewing machine but have no experience sewing? Consider One-on-One instruction or a group class with Ellie Lum in her studio at Klum House. For more information about general Intro to Sewing instruction, contact ellie@klumhouse.com; for information about classes at ADX, contact sarah@adxportland.com.


Sign up for a nonmember ticket and receive a Complimentary month of membership to the Craft Lab, valued at $100. Membership starts the day of class.

Courses are open to all ADX members and non-members. Minimum enrollment must be met to hold class; ADX's classes policies can be found here:


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