Flavor Street Food Cart Walking Tour

Check out Portland’s amazing curbside cuisine! Eat like a local as we take you on a personal tour of the city’s best food carts, tasting trucks, and hidden kitchens, where former four-star chefs and other culinary entrepreneurs scoop up mighty morsels with staggering deliciousness. This isn’t fast food - it’s flavor with flair for savvy munchers on the go - a veritable trek of tempting tastes!

Portland didn't invent the food cart - we just perfected it. Sip, nibble, and taste for yourself as we divulge the inside scoop on why Portlanders form block-long queues to the 400+ tiny tasting trucks dotting the cityscape, serving an incredible diversity of international and creative cuisines. No longer the province of pretzels and hot dogs, our local vendors offer a variety of flavor temptations that are as far reaching as anyone can imagine. Along the way we’ll share the story behind the phenomenon that has changed city streets and parking lots into hip places for a posh nosh. You’ll never look at street vendors the same way!

With dozens of food carts to choose from, we change up the offerings on a regular basis, but your stomach can count on sampling 8-10 of downtown’s best mini-kitchens on each tour! Are you hungry yet?

Get the mouthwatering inside scoop on the following:

• Witness the genius that crams full kitchens into improbably small spaces

• Understand the difference between pods and carts, and why Portland pods work

• Discover the stories of the food cart proprietors--from struggling immigrants to culinary school drop-outs, to former four-star restaurant chefs

• Choose the best, not just the best known - we’ll show you which meals are deals, and which queues to avoid

• Share in the history of the neighborhood AND the nibbles

• Experience the real flavors, people and culinary energy that you can only find in Portland

• And more surprises for nibblers of all ages!


• When: 1:30 PM Mondays through Saturdays

• Length: About 1 mile and under 2 hours

• Starting location: Indoors and under Pioneer Courthouse Square at the Theater under the Square - 701 SW 6th Ave at Yamhill Street

• Cost: $59 (including all tastings and a bottle of water) - check online for frequent special sale discounts at portlandwalkingtours.com

• Tickets: 503.774.4522 or http://www.portlandwalkingtours.com/tours/flavor-street-food-cart-tour/

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