Beyond Bizarre Ghost Walking Tour

If you like the paranormal, weird, or wacky, let us be your guide for an evening of unexplained mysteries, ghostly experiences, and spooky stories on our Beyond Bizarre walking tour! At the start of the tour we hand out real ghost hunting equipment just like that used by professionals and on television shows like Ghost Hunters. We then set out visiting known ghostly places and delving behind the scenes into what hauntings are all about. You’ll hear tales of dark secrets and strange rituals and will also get a true view into the reality of paranormal investigations, the equipment and techniques used, and how to separate the truth from the hoaxes.

For some, the highlight is the portion of the tour where we venture below the city's streets to see if the equipment can locate Nina, a former 'working girl' who is known to haunt the 1885 Merchant Hotel, one of “America’s top ten most haunted places” according to the Travel Channel. For others, it's getting the real scoop on downtown hauntings and the reality of ghost hunting including getting a glimpse into the professional procedures that are used to document, identify, and understand paranormal activity.

All ages are welcome on our 7 PM tour or join our smaller 10 PM tour for a more exclusive 18-and-over distinctly non-family friendly experience. No matter what, be sure to bring your cameras as many have captured 'orbs' that some say are the presence of spirits!

You’ll gain exposure to these undeniably spellbinding things:

• Paranormal Events, Unsolved Mysteries, UFOs, the Strange and Unusual - 'paranormal' doesn't just cover spirits and hauntings

• Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings - the truth behind ghost history, types of hauntings and mistaken hauntings

• Ghost Hunting 101 - use real ghost hunting equipment such as an electromagnetic field meter

• Paranormal Hoaxes & Illusions - what's real and what's not

• Weird, Wacky, and Tacky - the inside track into some outrageous places and practices

• And many more unexpected and unexplained surprises!


• When: Spring/Summer 7 PM (all ages) & 10 PM (18 and over) Thursdays through Sundays

• Length: About 1.5 miles and under 2.5 hours

• Starting location: Inside the old Merchant Hotel Building at 131 NW 2nd Ave (near NW Davis St) in Old Town/Chinatown

• Cost: $23 or less for 7 PM, $29 or less for 10 PM with specials often as low as $22.99 - check online for frequent sale discounts at

• Tickets: 503.774.4522 or

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8 years ago

Sounds like this tour is another great one from Portland Walking Tours, filled with really interesting stories!


8 years ago

Thanks, Rick! Everyone certainly comes away from this tour with their own stories to tell!


8 years ago


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