Chocolate Decadence Walking Tour

Come indulge in the diversity of chocolate on our Chocolate Decadence walking tour! Beans, bars, truffles, cocktails, warm drinks, and some incredible surprises - we offer it all from dark to milk to white chocolate, and on all sections of the sweetness scale in melted, whipped and liquid forms. We’ll guide you through a veritable myriad of tastings to help you appreciate and master the subtleties and nuances of all things chocolate.

Portland is a city where food experimentation, quality, and culinary expertise are highly prized, and chocolate is no exception. As we celebrate the Rose City's spin on the world's favorite sweet indulgence, we outline chocolate's lineage from humble bean to tempting confection, giving you the fascinating narrative about how chocolate is made, where it comes from, and where it's headed next.

You'll sample lots of chocolate - and we do mean lots! But that's not all. We will spoil you with the following:

• Tastings at six to eight local vendors and chocolatiers giving you a window into their world, showing off how they satiate Portland's appetite for decadent desserts on a daily basis

• Tastes, sights and fascinating stories of chocolate concoctions in liquid and solid form for your eyes, ears, mind, and - most definitely - your taste buds

• The reason that Portland is home to 30+ artisan chocolatiers

• Why chocolate is literally the food of the gods

• The true cultural history of the medicinal and ritual use of chocolate

• Tracing - and tasting - chocolate's transformation from bean to bar

• Mouth-watering chocolate-related trivia

• What the current novelty sensations and flavors in chocolate are

• And much, much more!


• When: 3:30 PM Saturdays & Sundays

• Length: Less than 1.5 miles and about 2.5 hours

• Starting location: Indoors and under Pioneer Courthouse Square at the Theater under the Square - 701 SW 6th Ave at Yamhill Street

• Cost: $59 (including all tastings and a bottle of water)- check online for frequent special sale discounts at

• Tickets: 503.774.4522 or

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There is no better way to say it, Rick!


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Wow, love this idea! When I have friends come in to town, this will definitely be something I'll suggest they try.

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