We Got Tipsy in Portland Walking Tour

Come dive into Portland’s liquid assets in a unique tour that combines …wine…cider…beer…distilled spirits…cocktails…tasty snacks…and more! This fun and fascinating tour is about tasting the best Portland has to offer while gaining a new appreciation for the development, creation, and fermentation of our favorite libations. Like others who have taken this tour, you'll be able to impress your friends with your sommelier-like knowledge that isn’t just about vino, but the hard stuff, too. Discover many hidden inside stories and pick up some tips and tricks for choosing the best for your own personal palate. We visit multiple local spots with different offerings that will be sure to please everyone's tastes.

How did Oregon beat top French and California wines in a French-run competition? Why do beer lovers flock to Portland for our 60+ craft breweries? What's all the hubbub over all these handmade hard cider locations? Is it true that there are almost 10 local award-winning craft distilleries and more than double that on the way? We have all the answers!

Sip, sip, hooray! You’ll be amazed how much you'll love what we serve up with a drink or two or three and more!

Here are some of the entertaining and engaging toast-worthy tidbits you’ll learn:

• How alcohol shaped early Portland and how it continues to influence Portland's history

• Laughable, absurd stories of how Portlanders handled national Prohibition

• When Henry Weinhard once attempted to pump free beer through a public fountain

• Why the movie "Sideways" declared that pinot is not just more desirable, but also more drinkable than other grapes

• How the Oregon territories tried - and failed - at Prohibition 75 years before the U.S.

• Why the top two grapes grown in Oregon - pinot noir and pinot gris - are finicky and difficult to grow

• How enjoyable you’ll find wine, cider, beer and cocktails - all of them - on this tour!

• And much, much more!

When: Spring/Summer 1:30 PM Fridays & Saturdays

• Length: Less than 1.5 miles and about 3.5 hours

• Starting location: Indoors and under Pioneer Courthouse Square at the Theater under the Square - 701 SW 6th Ave at Yamhill Street

• Cost: $79 (including all tastings and a bottle of water) - check online for frequent special sale discounts at portlandwalkingtours.com

• Tickets: 503.774.4522 or http://www.portlandwalkingtours.com/tours/we-got-tipsy-in-portland-cocktails-beer-wine-tour/

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