Hike the Serene Lake Loop on Mt. Hood

Who doesn’t love an alpine lake?

Well, if you’re in Oregon, you’re in luck. We have a dazzling array of these natural mountain beauties throughout the state. One that always jumps off the map, however, is Serene Lake.

Nestled on the slopes of Mt. Hood, Serene Lake is a remnant of the great glacial melts of the Pleistocene era. And now (roughly 12,000 year later) the lake is a secret and lovely part of the landscape. The good news? Almost anyone can visit by hiking the Serene Lake Loop.

Starting at the Frazier trailhead, the path wanders through a dense old-growth forest thick with blueberries and huckleberries. It leads straight to the sunken lake. Enjoy the sight of the sparking waters from an overarching cliff-side plateau, and maybe enjoy the feel of the cool water. The way back is also a lovely hike, with the marigolds of the Cache Meadows adding a splash of color.

Directions: From Portland, take U.S. 26 east and turn right on Oregon 211, then left on Oregon 224. Turn left on Oak Grove Fork Road and left again on High Rock Road. A third left turn awaits at Forest Road 4610. Take this road about 4.5 miles down and park at Frazier Turnaround.

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7 years ago

Sounds great, Nastacia! This is a beautiful Mt. Hood lake we haven't explore--yet!

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