Piano Push Play

Piano Push Play is on a mission to create free access to pianos for more musicians, experienced and fledgling alike. The local grassroots project gathers donated pianos, passes them on to local artists to create a unique masterpiece and then places them where they can be enjoyed. Each amazing instrument brings so much joy to those who stop and play them, as well as passersby who happen to hear the music. As far as creating a simple way to spread happiness goes, this astounding project really takes the cake.

Look for pianos like “Lili”, a dark wood creation with birdhouses attached by local illustrator, painter, woodworker and printmaker Amy Ruppel, “Rachel” (named for famed movie score composer Rachel Portman), a chrome and black piano by Lucid Grapic Design, “Mary Lou”, the fun pink creature and the “Fanny”, a tiger-striped instrument by Thomas le Dluz of Nemo Design that was named for composer Fanny Mendelssohn.

This dream has been an amazing community partnership. Celebrated Portland musician Esperanza Spalding has provided financial and creative support to the program. West Coast Piano and Portland Piano Co. have donated instruments. Classic Pianos of Portland and A to Z Moving have coordinated moving the instruments. Awesome Portland awarded a grant in 2013 to get the project rolling.

As well as being placed at Portland Art Museum, the pianos will be located at areas around Portland this summer like Cathedral Park, the Eastbank Esplanade, Holladay Park, Pioneer Courthouse Square and Mr. Tabor Park. For a complete list of locations, go to Piano Push Play’s web site at http://www.pianopushplay.com or follow them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Pianopushplay. There is also an App that you can purchase from Apple to accompany your exploration!

Central Oregon
Eastern Oregon
Greater Portland
The Gorge + Mt. Hood
Oregon Coast
Southern Oregon
Willamette Valley

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Rick reynolds 96dpi


3 years ago

Such an awesome idea and I hadn't heard about it yet! Thanks so much for sharing, Merlin. :)

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