Bike Ride on Portland's Waterfront

Use your own bike, or hire one from one of the many suppliers in town, and take a bike ride on Portland's Waterfront, viewing the spectacular bridges along the route.

Start at the Steel Bridge on the west side and follow the path under the Burnside, Morrison, Hawthorne and Marquam Bridges. Cross over the Willamette at Portland's newest bridge - Tilikum Crossing - the Bridge of the People. Tilikum Crossing is only open to pedestrians, cyclists and bus and rail transit, helping to keep Portland one of the best transit cities in the country.

Make your way back to the Steel Bridge via the east side and feel the rush as you complete this 4 mile bike ride. Put your feet up afterwards, and take in some of Portland's culinary delights--you've earned it!

Learn more about Tilikum Crossing:

Learn more about the Japanese Historical Plaza on the route:

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8 years ago

This is a great ride, and folks can continue onto the beautiful Springwater Corridor near OMSI if they want to continue the adventure. Thanks for posting, Cliona!


8 years ago

No problem Rick! And thanks for the tip the Springwater Corridor which I wasn't aware of. I've just Googled it. It looks great! I'll get out on it over the week :)


8 years ago

Excellent, Cliona--you will love it! You can stop at Oaks Amusement Park or Sellwood Park on the way, or just keep going for miles and miles if you're in the groove! :)

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