Become a Green Street Steward

Portland’s a famously green city, and it’s not just because of the rain. One group of folks working to keep the city “green” in an environmentally sustainable way focuses on green streets.

This is more than another name for a street full of trees. An important part of Portland’s eco-friendly infrastructure, green streets are areas with rain gardens added to sidewalks.

These planters collect stormwater runoff, helping to improve water quality in our rivers and streams by preventing sewer back-ups and combined sewer overflows. Not to mention, green streets improve air quality, cool summer sidewalk temperatures and add to the bounty of foliage that makes Portland beautiful.

If you live in Portland, you can pitch in to help this process by becoming a Green Street Steward! While the city takes care of green streets, help is always welcome – and needed. Green Street Stewards help out by doing simple neighborhood tasks like picking up trash, removing debris, and occasional weeding and watering.

This is a terrific way of getting to know your neighbors, helping the environment and getting some exercise all at once. Each year, hundreds of Portlanders work as Green Street Stewards. It's a way to volunteer in the most local way possible, while getting to experience the rewards of big environmental impact.

Find out more about the program by clicking the link below.

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5 years ago

Thanks for posting this, Nastacia--I was happy to sign up to help!


5 years ago

Awesome. Sharing on Facebook and I am adding to my "Street Sweepers" page.


5 years ago

Right on, John! It's an awesome program, and thx for everything you're doing to make Oregon even better, too!

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