Biketown: Share 1,ooo Bikes in Portland!

Biketown is here! A partnership between Nike and the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation is behind the new bike sharing program. Rows of bright orange bikes line high-traffic areas in Portland, so anyone who wants to can rent a bike on a single trip, daily, monthly or yearly basis.

Get signed up and choose a plan that works for you through the mobile app, on the web site or at a station kiosk. After you enter your 6-digit account number and 4-digit PIN number on the keypad on the back of the bike, you are ready to roll! There is a U-Lock built into the bike – be sure to place it in the holster before beginning your trip.

A single ride is $2.50 per trip, and includes 30 minutes of ride time. If you ride for longer than 30 minutes, the additional fee will be 10 cents per minute. Once you lock the bike up again, the single trip is finished. However, if you need to stop to run an errand, you can press HOLD on the screen on the back of the bike. A Day Pass is $12.00 and includes 180 minutes of ride time within a 24-hour period (or an additional 10 cents per minute). A Day Pass holder can rent up to four bikes at a time – the first bike is included in the plan, and each additional bike is $6.00 per hour. The Annual Membership is $12.00 per month with an annual commitment, and includes 90 minutes of ride time per day, with unlimited trips. Riders end the trip by locking the bike to any official Biketown station. Locking it at a public bike rack incurs an extra fee - $2.00 inside the service area, $20.00 outside the service area.

There are 1,000 bikes total at 100 stations around Portland. Some convenient locations to pick up a bike include SW 3rd and Ankeny by Voodoo Doughnut, SW 5th and Morrison at Niketown, SW 2nd and Market by Keller Auditorium and SW Park and Morrison at Director Park. You can’t miss the signature bright orange bikes!

Biketown is a fantastic way to take a quick trip across town if you wish to enjoy the weather and get some exercise. It’s also a fun way to add a little bit more sustainability to our city and incorporate a fun sharing program in our community.

Images by Felicity J. Mackay, courtesy of Portland Bureau of Transportation.

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