Visit the Gilbert House Children’s Museum in Salem

Headed to Salem with some kids in tow? Treat them with a visit to the Gilbert House Children’s Museum.

Located in downtown Salem’s Riverfront Park, this is a private nonprofit children’s museum that was founded in 1989. The premise and promise of the museum is to offer children a changing and innovative space where they can be curious, playful and engaged.

The museum offers an array of exhibits, camps, outreach programs and camps. It’s composed of three historic houses in total: the Rockenfield House, Gilbert House and Parrish House.

Some exhibit highlights:

  • Discovery Campground: A natural outdoor playscape with logs, stumps, rocks, tunnels and more; kids are encouraged to clamber over and around this environment. The idea is to teach motor skills and self-awareness through climbing, jumping, and balancing.
  • Farm to Table: A room where children can learn about historical, local Oregon farmers, and then play at the tasks themselves. An interactive environment allows kids to pretend to pick fruit, tend vegetables, milk a cow, and collect eggs.
  • Vet Clinic: What child wouldn’t like to throw on a vet’s coat and help animals be healthy, happy pets? In the Vet Clinic, kids can play at using X-rays, weighing a puppy on the scale, and learn about proper pet care. An exam table, a colorful kennel, a washing station and all the stuff animal you can imagine help spur kids’ imagination.

The museum is open Tuesday – Sunday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Admission varies, but costs $8 for ages 3-59. For a full list of admission costs, exhibits, special events and more, check out the Gilbert House Children’s Museum’s website by clicking the button above.

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5 years ago

So many creative interactive activities for the kiddos! Love the buildings, too.

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