Montavillian: The Montavilla Neighborhood Sticker

Question: What do you call someone who lives in Montavilla? Answer: A Montavillian!

Here is my first interpretation of a Montavillian- A fine lady with deep red wavy hair, black outfit complete with mask, cape and boots.

The success of Heart in Oregon was built on the honor system. Oregonian's would email me their mailing address and I would send the stickers with a S.A.S.E. with a suggested donation. No one missed a payment and often would donate more. I tried to do this here but I was unsuccessful.

I'm sure amazing Rick will help me. The profits from this stickers will go directly to the funding of the new GaGa Ball pit installed at Bridger Elementary. (Picture below.) Once that is paid for we'll find something else to fund.

Central Oregon
Eastern Oregon
Greater Portland
The Gorge + Mt. Hood
Oregon Coast
Southern Oregon
Willamette Valley

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4 years ago

Fun idea, Chris, and great of you to donate the profits for the kids of the neighborhood!


4 years ago

Kids of all ages Rick. Come on down and get a game on with us. You'll love it.


4 years ago

Right on, Chris! Lemme know when you wanna play! :)

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