Nesika Lodge: A Beautiful Hike from Multnomah Falls

Nesika Lodge is a hidden gem located a few hours hike above Multnomah Falls Lodge. Nesika was built by the Trails Club of Oregon almost a century ago. Time took its toll on the building and in 2005, the new but rustic lodge was finished. The lodge still belongs to the Trails Club, but they welcome members, families and volunteers to join this unique experience. The lodge hosts parties through out the year, as well as provide coffee, cookies and a warm fire for all hikers. The lodge also includes dorms for men, women and co-eds with views of the Columbia River.

Another secret surprise to this majestic getaway is the beloved "Ornament Trail." Every winter the trail is filled with ornaments and decorations that makes the pine trees glisten in the snow.

To get to Nesika Lodge, you start at Multnomah Falls and hike up the paved trail to the Larch Mountain Trail. Take a left and follow the trail for about 3 1/2 miles. Once you hit Multnomah Basin Road, you'll head left for about a mile to the Lodge. During the last mile is when you'll want to keep your eyes out for the unmarked Ornament Trail.

Click the Learn More button for details about Nesika Lodge, the Trails Club or Oregon, and their other lodge, Tyee Lodge, on Mt. Hood not far from Government Camp.

Learn More about Multnomah Falls and how to get there:

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7 years ago

Thanks for posting this, Cat! I got to stay at Nesika Lodge a few years ago and loved it. The Larch Mountain Trail is quite beautiful, too, especially as it follows the pristine stream fed by underground springs that eventually flows over Multnomah Falls.

Just watch out for the occasional falling rock on the Trail. The group I was with had to make a dash to avoid some boulders rolling down the steep hillside near the stream!


7 years ago

I just had to check the name of the gorgeous stream that flows down off Larch Mountain and over Multnomah Falls. It's Multnomah Creek if anyone else is curious! :)

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