"Circles in the Sand": Labyrinth Experience at the Coast

These spectacular labyrinths at the Oregon Coast in Bandon--"Circles in the Sand"--are the brain child of Denny Dyke, who created the paths "as a means of meditation, transformation and healing." He and numerous volunteers create these unique walkable sandy paths based on historical forms so that everyone can experience the "benefits of taking some time just to be themselves."


Face Rock Wayside

Beach Loop Drive, Bandon, OR

Watch the video below to learn more, and this segment about the labyrinths and Denny Dyke aired on OPB recently: http://www.opb.org/artsandlife/series/summer-series/bandon-oregon-beach-sand-labyrinths-things-to-do/

Check out their website for details and to learn about their history: http://onepath.us

The Circles in the Sand Facebook page lists the current schedule of labyrinths: https://www.facebook.com/sandypathlabyrinth

See the current circling drawing schedule here: http://www.onepath.us/Calendar.html

Thank you to our friend Ann Zawaski for sharing her beautiful photographs of the labyrinth.


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5 years ago

I should mention that this part of the Coast and Bandon are gorgeous to visit even if there isn't a current labyrinth, too. We were there a few weeks ago and the weather was stunning, too! The weather can be surprising awesome down there in the winter.


3 years ago

We drove from Bend as did another group of women. We were told at the hotel that Denny has canceled for tomorrow, June 11. Please pass along our message that we are hope he will doing this Saturday.


3 years ago

Thanks a lot, Betsy! That's really helpful info and will do!

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