Sellwood Riverfront Park

The first waves of mild, sun-laden weather are sneaking into Portland, and folks are starting to look for outdoor spaces in the city to catch some nature-flavored fun. I’d point to the Sellwood Riverfront Park as a lovely, no-frills, green space. A handful of amenities, including restrooms, a boat dock, canoe launch, dog off-leash area, and paved paths make this a convenient and relaxing space to catch some sunshine in.

The area is conveniently located for those on the south side of downtown Portland, and it’s welcoming to both two-and-four-legged park lovers. With open, grassy fields, nature trails and a generous slice of the Willamette River, it’s a popular space in the summer months. You’ll see families, dog-walkers, tub-floaters, and beer-koozie-holders in the area, with everyone making room for everyone.

For those wary of dipping into the Willamette River, keep in mind that decades of cleanup work, and a $1.4-billion public works project to handle sewer overflow, means plenty of Portlanders are willing to make the plunge back into the public waterway. Just keep in mind that the wake of passing boats exert a powerful pull even just a little way from the shore.

Alcohol is permitted on the beach, with the City of Portland issuing park and picnic area permits year round. Just be responsible, and respectful.

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