Common Ground: People and Predators

Our relationship with predators such as cougars, eagles and wolves is ancient, complex and evolving. What role do predators play in the ecology and culture of the High Desert? What would an ideal coexistence with these animals look like to you? Curator of Natural History Louise Shirley will give a short, introductory presentation before leading a conversation among participants. Come to share your own thoughts and listen to other perspectives.

The High Desert Museum’s new Common Ground series brings community members together to discuss important topics and hear different points of view in respectful and thoughtful ways.

$7, Members receive 20% discount
6:00 pm, doors open at 5:30 pm

Central Oregon
Eastern Oregon
Greater Portland
The Gorge + Mt. Hood
Oregon Coast
Southern Oregon
Willamette Valley

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2 years ago

Thanks for posting this, Katie and friends! When is it happening?

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