Tiny Serene Art-filled Treehouse

This tiny treehouse is in the apple tree in my lush, private backyard.  Excellent SE Portland location.

EASY climb up to the tiny deck. Cozy, strong & safe. Electricity, WiFi, 7 windows, 2 doors, 2 tiny decks for merging into the tree & listening to birds.

The inside of this little treehouse, is a bit more than 4' x 6' x 6'3"(tall, at the peak), but most can stand tall and totally stretch out.  It's perfect for 1 and cozy for 2.  2 people Maximum. When one opens a door or two to the tiny decks, it really expands.

I provide mid weight sleeping bags with sheet liners for sanitation, that go on top of a comfy, thick dual pad system, pillows, as well as blankets, if necessary.  If you want to bring your own bags anytime of year, that would be great.

Psst! If you booked this treehouse on another site, it would cost $47, due to fees and Occupancy taxes.

l provide a well maintained, cedar, Composting Toilet (no smell :-)), in an enclosure in the garage, exclusively for treehouse guests. My backyard is your beautiful, private space. I provide fresh water/wash basin, Hot tea kettle, soap, towel for washing up, as one does while camping, so it’s the complete, environmentally friendly, Portland experience. If you stay more than 1 night, showers available inside on alternating days. I bring out a mini breakfast for you to enjoy on the patio.

This treehouse is for agile, outdoorsy folks who Love Nature. This is for people who love camping, yet this is a Big step up from that. The treehouse is very strong but I have a weight limit of 300 lbs max. for the longevity of this treehouse and the comfort of guests.  When you send in your request to book...Please let me know Why you chose the treehouse and that this camping aspect is cool with you....especially if you're for several nites. Are you Outdoorsy? Also, please verify your combined weight.

The treehouse is very protective, watertight and allows for a unique, sweet, private place to stay.  My location is peaceful and convenient Eastside. Spring is almost here and April and May are phenomenal! Wisteria!.

Central Oregon
Eastern Oregon
Greater Portland
The Gorge + Mt. Hood
Oregon Coast
Southern Oregon
Willamette Valley

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2 years ago

Your treehouse is so adorable and so are you, Carole! This is such a bargain for a wonderful, unique place to stay out surround by nature in Portland, and I know you're a wonderful host. Great work on the place and pics!


2 years ago

Thanks so much Rick! This is such a wonderful site....so many off the beaten path things to do and great deals!


2 years ago

Yes! Love you neighborhood, and you're so lucky to be that close to Mt. Tabor--one of our favorite parks anywhere, with such great hiking, birds, etc!

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