ViVoce Sings of Toil & Triumph 6/29 7:30 pm and 6/30 4:30 pm

See ViVoce in Concert   June 29 7:30 pm & June 30 4:30 pm

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1704 NE 43rd St PDX 97213

Join us as we sing of work, struggle, respite, and resilience! ViVoce's upcoming performances will bring you songs and poems of true toil and triumph, from people who have worked together in factories, in the fields, in the home, and on the railroad, in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Turkey, and North America.  Dressed in folk-inspired costumes, and with a repertoire embracing traditional folk songs, early composed music, poetry, and stories from around the world, the women of ViVoce will delight you with the rich harmonies and wise words of other cultures.

Pre-concert sneak peek!

Hear us sing Bella Ciao, a traditional Italian song from the late 19th century, first sung by seasonal workers in Italy’s rice paddies and later revived by the anti-fascist resistance movement active in Italy between 1943 and 1945. Bella Ciao, performed by ViVoce, 2019.



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