I’m a budding journalist and media maven, hailing originally from Ontario, Canada, and now sinking my roots into the Pacific Northwest.

My passions and pursuits vary – currently I’m into indie films, podcasts, hot yoga and tango. My background is in print journalism with a focus on community reporting, but I’ve also dabbled with short film production and photojournalism. Social media is my game, and audio editing adds jazz to my world.

Although not a native Oregonian, I have a reverence for the great big outdoors, and enough of a playful spirit to enjoy adventuring through it. As a new member of the ShareOregon team, I'm excited to share some of the highlights of this great state with you.

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I love your posts here Nastacia. You paint such vivid pictures with your words that make me feel like I am right there with you on the trail. Thanks for sharing all of this interesting and helpful information on so many amazing places to explore in Oregon!

Nastacia has given me so many awesome (and beautiful! and free!) places to visit. Being new-ish to OR, hiking and other guides aren't as up to date or as unique as the adventures that Nastacia shares. Can't wait to take my 4-yr old to Cascadia State Park swimming hole-sounds perfect for kiddos and some swimming/sun bathing opportunities for mama!:) Thanks Nastacia!

I'm so very sorry about that, Judy. This was on a post from 3 years ago from before Nastacia was checking as rigorously as she does now to make sure an image was not copyrighted. Nastacia removed your image as soon as it was questioned and please accept my apologies. She is a talented young writer who is committed to the highest journalistic ethics and helping us develop ShareOregon as a valuable resource for the community. Know that we are checking to try to make sure that something like this never happens again.


Rick Reynolds

Founder, ShareOregon