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About ShareOregon

We help you share what you love. 

Do you want to . . .

  • Lead or join amazing Oregon tours to places like:
    • The Columbia Gorge?
    • Mt. Hood?
    • The Coast?
    • The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland?
    • The Wallowas?
    • Hidden gems around the state?
  • Teach cool stuff like fly fishing, ceramics, glass blowing, survival skills, folk dancing, or landscape design in Portland or anywhere in Oregon?
  • Offer volunteer opportunities with your favorite organizations and/or volunteer to help make Oregon even better?
  • Host or attend a dinner party with scrumptious local food in Portland, Eugene, Bend, Newport, or your own town?

Maybe you're just looking for a new adventure in an unexplored part of the state and need to rent a kayak to maximize the experience. Whatever it is, we make it easy for you to find and share what you love in Oregon.

What folks are saying about ShareOregon:

"Tourism destinations that have a lot to offer but lack name recognition have a new way of getting the word out."

Oregonlive / The Oregonian

"It's so much fun to see what fellow Oregonians are posting. I think this is such a great idea!"

Karin Webb, Gearhart (and Seaside business owner)

“As a donation-based yoga studio, we are so grateful to ShareOregon for the help in spreading the word. We had no trouble setting up our profile and posting our classes. The site is really clean and simple, and very user friendly."

Avery Lewis & Kady Monroe, co-founders, Drishti Yoga

Our Mission + Team

Our mission is to build the most trusted online community for Oregonians and visitors to share and discover the best of Oregon's natural beauty and human ingenuity. Rick Reynolds was inspired to create ShareOregon by his love for our extraordinary state and his great experience as a lodging host through another site.

He and his wife Krista agreed that this new model of offering services directly to other community members, who have earned trust through a history of positive interactions, was a lot of fun and revolutionary new way to exchange goods and services.

Chris David is our technical adviser and programming guru. One of our goals at ShareOregon is to make the site as easy to use as possible, and Chris helps us achieve that with his 20 years of experience as a programmer on projects including web applications, Linux kernel development, device firmware, and plain ‘ol websites. Rick is also an experienced web developer who creates sites through his company Engaging Press, but Chris' unique skill set is invaluable for overcoming the most challenging technical hurdles. Learn more about him and his work at 

Ali Hassan Mirza is our lead software engineer. He is a technical hero with over 11 years of experience as a full stack developer and as a DevOps Engineer.

He is expert in Ruby, Node, ReactJS, AngularJS, Python, Javascript, Server Deployments / Configurations, ELB, and others. Find out more about him and his tech superpowers on LinkedIn.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make it easy for like-minded people to connect for safe, easy, and inspiring experiences--and share the gear and expertise needed to make them possible. Our goal is to empower expert individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to offer their services directly to other community members. This builds relationships and empowers folks from all segments of society to chart their own creative and financially independent paths.

From budget travelers to those seeking the most exhilarating travel adventure experiences possible, we empower you and the rest of the ShareOregon community to offer services that fulfill each other's needs and help make the state and the entire Northwest region of the United States even better. Therefore, we encourage postings from even the most remote locales, as well as volunteering and support for community-minded organizations.

Our Technology

The many features of ShareOregon are designed to make your experience using the site as easy and safe as possible. These include:

  • A simple, clear, mobile-friendly site that makes it a breeze to add beautiful listings
  • A secure messaging system
  • Public reviews of both parties after services are completed
  • Secure payments through PayPal or your existing booking/payment system
  • Facebook authentication (optional)
  • Categories / subcategories of activities (found on the desktop version of the site on the left side of the homepage)
  • The ability to search regions in the state (check boxes, also on the left in the desktop version)

Always Evolving

We continue to add features to make ShareOregon even better, so let us know if there is anything else you would like to see!

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