Aspen Arborglyph Heritage Trees in Eastern Oregon

Looking for a summer road trip into the great wide Oregon open? How about a visit to a historic grove of Aspen Arborglyph Heritage Trees?

The carvings on the trees in this heritage grove are called “arborglyphs.” Most of the arborglyphs at this location were carved by Basque sheepherders who worked the top of the (you name the location) in the early-to-middle 20th century.

These historic carvings were lightly etched into the bark to make notes about the sheep and leave drawings as a means of letting one another know who had passed by each place.

Tree facts:

Approx. height: 50′

Trees date to: Approximately 1900

Circumference: 44″

Crown: 15′

Directions from North Steens Loop Rd. in Frenchglen:

  • Turn north onto Moon Hill Dr. and travel 0.2 miles.
  • Turn west off Moon hill Rd. and travel less than 0.1 mile a to a small lake (which is sometimes dry).
  • Aspens are about 200 ft. to the west of the lake.

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6 years ago

Love that quiet, open part of our state! We enjoyed Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, staying at the historic Frechglen Hotel, hiking through the beautiful gorge, and a lot more when we were there, too:

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