Fall into Oregon's Heritage Nut Orchards

The first commercial-sized planting of hazelnuts in Oregon were made by George Dorris in 1905 when he planted five acres for nut production and sold the nuts to an innovative company called Meier and Frank, who in turn sold directly to consumers in ten-pound bags.

Dorris also started a hazelnut nursery on the property that operated for 40 years and produced an average of 70,000 trees per year. It is estimated that over half of the trees in Oregon’s hazelnut industry originated from Dorris Ranch Nursery stock.

Dorris Ranch became a part of the Willamalane Park and Recreation District in 1972 and was successful in becoming listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are now thirteen different hazelnut orchards on the Dorris Ranch and five of them were planted before 1927.

Tree Facts

Approx. height: 30′–40′

Planted in: 1905

Dedicated on: April 21, 2005

Crown: 20′

Visit this tree

The 250 acre Dorris Ranch Living History Farm is located at South 2nd and Dorris Streets in Springfield.

Learn more about Oregon's Heritage Trees at: http://ortravelexperience.com/oregon-heritage-trees/tree-map/

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6 years ago

Great to know about, Maddie--thanks for posting it! Krista and I stumbled into one of the big historic hazelnut orchards at another park it was magical--including all the nuts we gathered! :)

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