Stroll to the top of Dimple Hill

It’s almost as cute as it sounds…

Hiking Dimple Hill is a favorite outdoor escape for folks out of Corvallis, with its lovely views, gentle accents and beautiful meadows. The paths winds from Chip Ross Park to the top of Dimple Hill. It’s welcoming to joggers, hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders alike.

The trail starts with a short loop in the park, and wanders into McDonald Forest along the marked Dan’s Trail. The way up is full of Oregon’s lush greenery – sword ferns, moss, deciduous trees, and crops of wildflowers. At the top of Dimple Hill, one can take in the sight of Mary’s Peak, and enjoy the almost perfectly circular meadow crowning the hill.

It’s a great hike for a lazy afternoon, with the sprinkling of meadows offering perfect picnic stops. The McDonald Forest is used by forestry students at Oregon State University for research and preservation, so don’t be surprised to bump into flocks of enthusiastic researchers. But while it’s a well-loved (busy) hike, it’s also a great place to meet other people enjoying the outdoors.

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8 years ago

These are gorgeous shots from the hill, Nastacia, and Corvallis is such a nice town to explore, too. Thanks for posting this great, accessible hike in the Willamette Valley!

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