Experience Live-Action Gaming with Labyrinth

In the middle of Portland’s Pearl District is a building of puzzles, where players and of all ages can test their wits and wiles against a set of clues in order to ‘escape’ a series of rooms. It’s all part of a live-action gaming experience called Labyrinth Escape Games.

The experience is run by Red Thread Studios (an entertainment company) which created Labyrinth, an escape room adventure. For those new to escape room games, they’re essentially real or virtual rooms in which players are locked in and have to use clues, complete tasks, solve riddles, and more, in order to puzzle their way out. These rooms are often themed, can be silly or scary, and require both a sense of adventure and deft mind to play well.

Labyrinth is set up with three separate escape rooms: Inheritance (Indiana Jones meets the DaVinci Code), Blitzkrieg (WWII inspired action adventure), and Conspiracy (tech-filled puzzles about modern conspiracies). The rooms come with different backstories, a unique set of puzzles to solve, and can be played back-to-back or a one-offs.

The rooms are designed for players of different levels of experience, and can host up to eight people. Players under the age of 10 might find the puzzles challenging, but little ones are welcome to come along for the fun. You might find yourself playing with friends and strangers, depending who books the room. And all you need to bring to the adventures are your team and a willingness to play!

For those leery of being lock in a room – don’t worry. Portland fire codes forbid the actually locking of these rooms, so players instead crack puzzles for specific goals within the rooms. And if you need to slip outside (bathroom run, fresh air, to make a call, etc.) you’re welcome to leave anytime.

Reservations are required. You can book online or by calling Labyrinth directly. Cancellations are not allowed and reschedules must be made at least 72 hours in advance for a refund.Large parties and company team-building adventures can be accommodated with advance notice.

Note that it’s important to arrive at least 10 minutes early – tardy players may not be allow to join games that have already started. All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Costs vary depending on if the game is public or private, with tickets running between $36 to $200.

For more information and to book an experience, check out Labyrinth’s website, linked above.

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