Harris Beach State Park

Oregon’s beaches are full of booming surf and hunks of volcanic rock, but if you pick the right spot on the coast, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a uniquely Pacific-Northwest adventure.

Harris Beach State Park is one of these places – it has colorful tide pools, flocks of sea birds, frequent marine life visiting the shores, awesome standing rock formations and…wait for it…sandy beaches! It’s known as one of Oregon’s most scenic beaches, with vibrant intertidal areas, clusters of craggy rock formations and a sandy shoreline. Not to mention, the park is in close proximity to the amenities of the small city of Brooking.

Here are some ideas for your Harris Beach State Park visit:

1. Bird Watching – Offshore from the beach is Bird Island, which holds flocks of over 100,000 seabirds who nest there in the spring. Roughly 11 species of birds mingle there – including Tufted Puffins – so bring some binoculars and enjoy the feathered array.

2. Tide Pool Exploring – Oregon has great diversity of color and creatures in its tide pools. The park is home to one of Oregon’s seven “Marine Gardens” – beautiful intertidal areas that are home to critters like sea stars, green anemones and hermit crabs.

3. Paddle Trips – Take to the waves for a water adventure through the park’s arches and rock formations. Local company South Coast Tours offers 2-4 hour paddle trips along the coast for a different view of the beach.

4. Hiking – Walk among Myrtle trees, eucalyptus and camphor while strolling along on hikes above the beach. There’s a network of trails to explore, some of which give you sightings of sleepy seals and great ocean-side visits.

Cost is $5/vehicle for day use, $20 per night for a campsite, with additional options like yurts and electrical hookups available.

For more information about Harris Beach State Park, click the Learn More button above or this link: http://bit.ly/1JnsM7q

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9 years ago

Love this spectacular part of the Oregon Coast! Such a deal to be able to camp there so inexpensively, too--or stay in a yurt!


2 years ago

I’d love to use this photo for my Poet’s Journal (www.donhynes.com/blog). Is that ok with you? Please advise and thanks.

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