Visit Whaleshead Beach

The little known Whaleshead Beach is one of the most idyllic, scenic stretches of the Oregon coast. You probably haven’t heard of it, as its southern location keeps it off most travel maps. However, it has a dazzling array of perks for those who wander into the region.

Note the following:

  • Winter traveler? Check this place out. Due to a curious weather phenomenon called the “Chetco Effect,” the wind and the cold never get to settle on the beach. The result is a coastline overflowing with flowers and vegetation all year long.
  • Fun rock formations including the “sea stack” that looks like the head of a whale. The feature is riddled with underwater caves that cause sea spray to erupt from the top when the surf strikes, giving it its name.
  • Want to see whales? During the grey whale migrations in winter and spring, the sea beyond Whaleshead becomes a corridor for these giant sea creatures.
  • Miles and miles of hiking trails through the wilderness where you can spot the myriad ocean birds, seals, tide pool critters, and a stunning view of the beach. Keep your eyes peeled for the Giant Pacific Salamander (15 inches!), bald eagles and the coastal bobcat.

Of course, the best part of the Oregon Coast is enjoying the stunning seascapes, and Whaleshead Beach is a gorgeous stretch of sand dotted with rock formations. The sunsets are calendar-worthy, and the area is peaceful. The area has RV parks, a resort, cabins and camping spots. Visit year-round.

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7 years ago

Whaleshead Beach sounds like an absolutely gorgeous spot on the Oregon Coast, Nastacia--thanks for posting it!


6 years ago

I just stumbled on the wonderful short video of the beach and had to add it to the post. Krista and I can't wait to get down there again!

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