Hike the Cape Sebastian Trails

Dodge the crowds of hikers ambling along Oregon’s Gold Beach and enjoy the quiet scenery of Cape Sebastian, which is about six more miles south.

It’s a hike with grand, sweeping coastal views, rugged ascents, and plenty of beach-walking. Expect a nearly 1000-foot elevation gain if you ascend Cape Sebastian.

The good news? You’ll be hard pressed to find a more stunning view of the churning Pacific Ocean waves at the bottom of the drop. From the top of Cape Sebastian you can see a wide, unbroken line of the Coast, a view that geologists say has been working its way north for eons.

You can treat Cape Sebastian as a short or longer hike, but keep in mind that this is not a beach to walk during high tide, so plan accordingly. During low tide the beach is a great place to escape coastal winds while sitting on warm sands. Don’t be surprised to see locals enjoying picnic lunches, and you might be smart to follow their lead.

There are three route options:

Moderate (to Cape)

1.2 miles round trip

200 feet elevation loss/gain

Difficult (to Hunters Cove)

3.8 miles round trip

700 feet elevation loss/gain

Moderate (to North Beach)

3.2 miles round trip

700 feet elevation loss/gain

Bring binoculars, as this area is prime real estate for whale-watching. During the grey whale migration season you can spot slow-moving pods of whales passing by. Find a cozy out-of-the way spot along the cliff face of the trail and watch the massive creatures glide by. Sea birds are also in abundance.

Free parking at the parking lot by the lookout.

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7 years ago

Gorgeous spot on the Oregon Coast and a fun hike!

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