Face Rock State Park

Head to this beautiful part of the Southern Oregon Coast for a little beachcombing, tide pool exploring and scenic views.

One of the highlights of this less-explored beach in Bandon (other than the absence of crowds) are the surplus of what are called sea stacks. These rock towers are the isolated remains of the most durable part of the coastal headlands that survived the pounding surf that erased the rest of the land. Face Rock has a diverse collection of these stacks, varying in shape and size, and scattered from the shoreline to areas where they’re almost submerged.

Aside from the geology, though, this beach comes with a Native American legend. According to the tale, when the wind blows, one can hear the voice of a maiden that was frozen into stone by an evil spirit. And from a scenic overlook of the park, one can easily pick out Face Rock, and maybe trace imaginary lines of a woman’s face on it.

There’s no fee associated with this park. The trails around the beach are well maintained, and easy to traverse.

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6 years ago

We love this breathtaking and quiet part of the Coast, but I hadn't heard the legend that fits the place so well. Thanks for sharing, Nastacia!

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