Surf, Hike and Relax at Short Sands Beach

Sandstone cliffs. Volcanic basalt shores. A nearby coastal forest. Welcome to “Shorty’s” - Short Sands Beach at Oswald West State Park.

It’s arguably the best place in Oregon for dedicated surfers to find the perfect wave. A hidden gem tucked along a rugged coastline, rimmed by trees and bisected by Short Sands Creek, Short Sands Beach attracts keen surfers all year. They flock to Smuggler’s Cove – a protected inlet that’s part of the state park – where wave breaks are steady and the worst of harsh weather is blocked by high cliff arms.

Come late summer and high tides, and this beach is full of surfboards and their owners. But non-surfers also enjoy the beach, and skimboarding, boogie boarding, flying kites and paddle boarding are all popular activities. Staying dry is also an option, and oceanside hikers can expect to walk by Giant Sitka spruces, old-growth forests, wild meadows and take in craggy coastal views.

For more information about the part and its amenities, visit the park’s official site here:

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8 years ago

Love this beach and hike!


7 years ago

We were there this weekend and it was absolutely spectacular, with quite a few surfers. There was also a full-grown humpback whale that had died and washed ashore...sad, but really interesting and worth checking out, for sure!

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