Youngs River Falls Near Astoria

A scenic, 65-foot waterfall about 10 miles south of Astoria, Youngs River Falls is both a popular roadside attraction and a beloved summertime swimming hole. Located in central Clatsop County about 10 miles south of Astoria, the falls were first discovered in 1806 by a hunting party of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery.

Part of the allure of this falls is its fame, as this water feature has made cameos in several movies, including Free Willy 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. In the wintertime the water is too cold for a comfortable swim, but in the summer the wide rocky beach invites travelers to wade in. And as the river level drops in the drier months, the waterfall spray is subdued, making for a more comfortable time in the waterhole.

The beautiful waterfall is located where the Youngs River drops into a pool locked in by large gravel bars. They are just a quick trip from Astoria, but follow the directions closely, since they're not the easiest spot to find.

Directions from Astoria:

1. Turn right onto HWY 101 Business Loop.

2. Turn left at the intersection about 2.9 miles down onto Young’s River Road and continue until you hit milepost 7.

3. Look for a brown sign saying “Young’s Falls” and turn right. A parking area is ahead, and from here you can see the falls. Take the short hike down the hill and to he right to check out the gorgeous 60-foot falls and river up close. You may even spot a trout or salmon in the crystal clear pool at the base of the falls and the Youngs River that flows out through the beautiful forest and agriculture countryside beyond.

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8 years ago

We've been to beautiful Astoria many times, but never knew this lovely waterfall was so close. Thanks for posting about it, Nastacia!

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