Zip Line Fun at High Life Adventures

Play with gravity and test your sense of adventure by flying on the zip lines at High Life Adventures, a fun outdoor experience area in Warrenton, Oregon.

Expect the full zip line experience here, with eight exhilarating lines that let visitors fly over miles of ponds, through trees and even across a 7-acre lake. On hot summer days, adventure-seekers can chose the zip line called “the Maple” that allows them to skim close enough to the lake’s surface to brush the water. And as a side serving of fun, each of these distinct zip lines are connected to a network of hiking trails (ranging from easy to moderate) that wind through over 30 acres of timbered land.

Those leery of trusting their lives to zip lines, rest assured – each zip line is fashioned from steel cables fastened to hillsides by steel beams and sturdy pieces of timber. These cables are rated to be able to bear 26,000 pounds, and the harness, lanyard and trolley specs all exceed 5,000 pounds. Not to mention, all staff members at High Life have undergone extensive training before being given full clearance as tour guides.

All ages are welcome to join in on the fun (although one must weigh between 60 pounds to 300 pounds to try the zip lines). Little ones between 45-60 pounds can participate if they ride tandem with a parent.

Tour duration varies depending on party size, with a rough estimate of two-and-a-half hour as a recommended length of time to plan for.

Rates are set at the following:

Adult (age 16 and older) - $99

Child (age 15 and under)- $69

You can learn more about High Life Adventures and book online via the “Book Now” link above. Be sure to read the cancellation and check in policy!

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7 years ago

Krista and I got to enjoy this amazing zip line experience last year and we absolutely loved it! The guides were so knowledgeable, friendly, and fun. We were very well-trained and felt completely safe the whole time, although we did get our adrenaline pumping, too!

My favorite part was enjoying the forest and lakes from the perspectives high above, then zooming down to touch the water. Unforgettable fun! :)

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